Krittika Ramanujan

Krittika Ramanujan


Musicians on the beach-Purgatory
berkeley, 1967, 1997
Hellmouth 2019
dark wood-inferno,1995
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Musicians on the beach-Purgatory

Musicians on the beach-Purgatory

colour linoleum print, 1997

18"H x 24"W




mixed media on paper, 2018

19.5"H x 30"W

berkeley, 1967, 1997

berkeley, 1967, 1997

colour linocut

16"H x 20"W


Hellmouth 2019

Hellmouth 2019

gouache, ink on paper

19.5"H x 30"W

dark wood-inferno,1995

dark wood-inferno,1995

colour linocut

18"H x 24"W


Artist Statement

My work uses prints, drawings, paintings and short films to look at the human conditions of loss, suffering, exile, death, memory, and the past. Art for me is a way to explore questions that cannot be answered. Questions like “what is death? Is human nature good or evil? Why is there such suffering? what is fate?”

A work of art should contain more than one idea. For instance, the beauty of colour in an image may draw a viewer in, while the horrible subject pushes them away. A horrible image may be initially taken as something beautiful. An event in real life, and the depiction of such an event in art are quite different. These are two separate realms of experience. It is up to each viewer to experience it for themselves, or not. It is not the artist’s business to tell them what to think, or what response to have.

I have three ongoing bodies of work. One is inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. The second is on mammal skeletons, both modern and prehistoric. The third is about human rights, mainly the issue of lynching.

Each print seems to me like a page torn from a novel, in which the viewer can imagine what came before and after. Drawing is a way of thinking, discovering and feeling, so these works are primarily drawing based.


Krittika Ramanujan

412 High St. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

T 505 247-2900

Born in Chicago, Illinois.


M.F.A in Studio Art, Printmaking, University of New Mexico.

B.A. in Studio Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington


“Sexy Mammoths and the City of Hell” Leich Lathrop Gallery, Albuquerque,


“Ghost Puppets”, MFA Thesis Show, Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM


“Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise,” Northfield Arts Guild, Northfield,Minnesota,


‘Coterminus’, Mammal Skeletons, Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago, IL 2002

“Purgatory’, Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago IL, 1998

“Nostra Vita: Dante’s Inferno”, Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago IL, 1996


On A Thread of Memory, Leich Lathrop Gallery, Albuquerque, NM 2013

PRINT: Platz Gallery, SUVA, Albuquerque, NM 2013

Orogenesis,Leich Lathrop Gallery,Albuquerque, NM 2013

Placebo Efect, Leich Lathrop Gallery, Albuquerque, NM 2012

The West Mesa and Gallery Drawings,Leich Lathrop Gallery, Albuquerque, NM 2012

Grand Opening Leich Lathrop Gallery,Albuquerque, NM 2012

“3” Works by Krittika Ramanujan, Aaron Bass and Janet Hoezel, Kimo Theater,

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2011.

Anne Frank Exhibition:A History for Today, Albuquerque, NM, 2010

Cinematic Arts Student Showcase, University of New Mexico, 2009

“Small Prints”, John Sommers Gallery, University of New Mexico, 2008

New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, NM 2008

Cinematic Arts Student Showcase, University of New Mexico, 2006

“At First Sight”, Johnson Gallery, University of New Mexico, 2004

Fine Arts Building Gallery, group exhibitions, Chicago, IL1995-1998

Around the Coyote Festival,art exhibition, Chicago, IL,1993

Around the Coyote Festival, Chicago, IL 1992

Teaching Experience

Graduate Instructor, Introduction to Print, University of New Mexico, 2008-9

Graduate Assistant, Intaglio, University of New Mexico, 2005-2006.

Literacy Tutor, 2011.

Experience in the Arts

Founding Member of Fine Arts Building Gallery,

Exhibition and Hanging Commitee for Fine Arts Gallery1995-1999.

Chicago, IL(Gallery closed 2005).

Curated and installed exhibitions.

Vice-President, 1998.

Bon Won Frames, 2004. Assisted in archival framing.

Assistant, The Clothesline School of Writing, Chicago, IL1990-1993. Assisted

classes, edited student writing and arranged over 80 public readings.

Work in numerous private collections.

Illustrations(partial list)

Co-illustrator for Michael Daniels’ short story collection, The Mendonca Mystery ,Writers Workshop, Calcutta, India. 2014.

Cover for Collected Poems by A.K. Ramanujan, Oxford India Paperbacks, 2008

Cover illustration for Poems of Love and War trans. by A.K. Ramanujan, 2006

Cover illustration, Poems and a Novella, by A.K. Ramanujan, Oxford University

Press, 2006.

Cover illustration, the collected essays of A. K. Ramanujan, Oxford India Paperbacks, 2004.

Cover illustration for Carnival for Science, by Shiv Visvanathan, Oxford

University Press, 1997.

Cover illustration, A Flowering Tree and other oral tales from India, by A. K. Ramanujan, University of California Press, 1997.

Cover illustration, Collected poems by A.K. Ramanujan, Oxford India Paperbacks, 1997

Cover, The Clothesline Review, Volume 5, summer 2001


“Decay”, hand-drawn 16mm film, 2005, 45 seconds.

“Ghost Puppets” , hand-drawing on 16mm film 2007, 2 min.

“Not At Home”, in progress, est. c.2015


Certificate in Client-Centered Therapy, Chicago Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, 1995.

Member of the Northfield Buddhist Center, 2001-2004. Served on the board.


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